Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fiber Addiction and the 4-year-old mind...

Is the Fiber One industry a scam? I mean I never really thought about an overwhelming need for fiber in my life... until all these products came out and now I'm counting fiber grams like they are gold coins... if I have an "off" day (you know what I'm talking about) I immediately think "did I eat enough fiber yesterday? Did I eat too much?"

On that subject I highly endorse the FiberOne strawberry pop-tarts - they don't taste like cardboard and 1 pastry gives you 20% of your daily allowance of fiber.

I'm of the belief that there are two ways to 'keep things flowing' - fiber and grease... if you eat a high fat diet you don't have to worry about fiber - your lube job is complete... BUT when I started eating healthy (more on that another day) - fiber became a controlled substance for me! Seriously! I ran out of Fiber fruit chews today and my entire lunch hour is now planned around going to buy more- today- because I can't go a day without them!

Changing the subject (I know you are heaving a big sigh of relief on that one!)

How do you explain abstract concepts to a a 4 year old? I've so confused my child that he thinks that "strange" is a white puppy which he hopes will come live in our back yard... (I'll tell that whole story some day soon - see there - I'm making sure you keep checking back because you are asking yourself - how could she have so screwed up that explanation that her kid thinks "strange" is a white puppy).

Last night in the car on the way home my little guy was asking me about something (can't remember what) and I said:

Me: "I have something in mind"
Tot: "You have something for you?"
Me: "No, I have something in mind"
Tot: "You have something for you?"
Me: (realizing that he thinks I'm saying 'mine') "No, I have something in minD-D. It means I have a thought in my head, I have an idea"
Tot: "I don't have a thought in my head"

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Eternal Sunshine said...

I love that little guy!!

I can't wait for the "strange" story - I LOVE that one!!

Jewels said...

"Strange"=a White Puppy? That is one story I'm very interested in hearing.

Bryan said...

Sunshine...your right...she is funny :)

Fiesty said...

I think I might like her more than you Sunshine! *Maybe not but maybe* >:)

Qweenie said...

I don't have a thought in my head sometimes either....LOL

Lisa said...

waiting patiently for the strange story

Now as for the thoughts, I can totally relate ;)

Connie said...

Love it!

By the way, I found you through Melody!

And not to freak you out or anything...but I'm following you.