Monday, June 29, 2009

Shoot off the fireworks - its the 3rd of July?

I've never understood how people can turn the single day of a holiday (ie Independence Day) into a month of celebration... or well a week anyway.

For instance - almost no one I know has Friday off - but daycare is closed... its not enough for people to just be glad that the 4th falls on a Saturday and they don't have to work - they feel cheated out of a holiday and so they've got to have friday off too!

OF COURSE - If my employer had chosen to give me Friday off - I would totally be arguing the other side of this issue!

A quirk of the banking industry - if the holiday is on Saturday- you don't get Friday off - if its on Sunday - you do get Monday.... and we get random days like Columbus Day - so I'm not really complaining...

Instead - I'm scrambling to make alternate child care arrangements for the little know holiday called 3rd of July... and dreading a regular 5 day work week...

Ah, well - C'est la vie.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Ashamed...

It was April - then I blinked - now its June!

Copper's been on nights - luckily that's about to change.

Tater tot broke his arm last week and this week he has strep throat so we are just having tons of fun at our house right now!

I promise, dear friends (you are still out there, right?) that I have not abandoned you... I promise to be much more faithful going forward.

Copper's Fox