Monday, June 29, 2009

Shoot off the fireworks - its the 3rd of July?

I've never understood how people can turn the single day of a holiday (ie Independence Day) into a month of celebration... or well a week anyway.

For instance - almost no one I know has Friday off - but daycare is closed... its not enough for people to just be glad that the 4th falls on a Saturday and they don't have to work - they feel cheated out of a holiday and so they've got to have friday off too!

OF COURSE - If my employer had chosen to give me Friday off - I would totally be arguing the other side of this issue!

A quirk of the banking industry - if the holiday is on Saturday- you don't get Friday off - if its on Sunday - you do get Monday.... and we get random days like Columbus Day - so I'm not really complaining...

Instead - I'm scrambling to make alternate child care arrangements for the little know holiday called 3rd of July... and dreading a regular 5 day work week...

Ah, well - C'est la vie.

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