Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hobbying along

We went on an adventure in search of 5 boxes yesterday (we only found 2 of them). I won't post a picture of my bruises... I also started a new part of this hobby - stamp carving!

Here is my first attempt - my new personal signature stamp

It was a fun attempt - I've already made some more carved stamps! And one for Tater Tot.

Tater tot's stamps is made of fun foam:

The Dachsund is in honor of my Step-dad and his beloved "Maximillian BA Dog"

Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Hobby...


Oddly it involves neither writing letters or prancing around in satin shorts hitting someone!

It is the most beautiful combination of treasure-hunting, hiking, and stamps.

A great hobby for men, women and kids! It gets you out of the house into nature and challenges your mind with clues!

Here's how it works. You get a book (a log book, if you will) and a stamp (lots of people hand carve original designs, lots don't!) and an inkpad. You look on line at Atlas Quest or Letterboxing North America and find clues to a box in your area.

Finally you pack the same gear you would for a walk or hike, (water bottle, sunscreen, etc.) and you set forth. Once you find the box (sometimes as small as a film canister!) you take the stamp from inside the box and stamp your logbook with it - then you use your stamp to stamp the log book in the box!

Always leave the nature around you the same or better as you found it. Use stealth so no one sees you find your treasure.... and always, always make sure to re-hide the box as well or better as you found it.

I promise once you start this hobby you will quickly be addicted!

If you want more info check out this article published in The Smithsonian in 1998 - this article is widely credited for the popularity of Letterboxing in the US today.

Even in our little 'middle of nowhere' town in Central Texas there are several boxes to find!

Copper's Fox

Monday, March 2, 2009

Where did she go?

I know - you may be wondering... where did she go? Did she just forget she has a responsibility to her bloggy friends?

No and didn't. I've taken over my work's Relay for Life team and it has been all consuming. I'm making and selling beaded jewelry (oh, and I had to teach myself how to MAKE beaded jewelry), sponsoring bake sales, planning other fundraising events (any ideas?).

Super huge brag for the people in our little town. We raised over $500 in our one little bake sale on Friday.

Copper's still working the same stinky shift but making jewelry on nights when he's working has helped keep me entertained.

I'll post some new taterisms soon.