Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hobbying along

We went on an adventure in search of 5 boxes yesterday (we only found 2 of them). I won't post a picture of my bruises... I also started a new part of this hobby - stamp carving!

Here is my first attempt - my new personal signature stamp

It was a fun attempt - I've already made some more carved stamps! And one for Tater Tot.

Tater tot's stamps is made of fun foam:

The Dachsund is in honor of my Step-dad and his beloved "Maximillian BA Dog"


Melody said...

Those are awesome!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Too cool!!! Love the stamps!

Eternal Sunshine said...

Wow - those stamps look awesome!

M & B said they were coming down today to try Letterboxing with y'all.

I forgot to google it, but I'm going right now to take a peek. It sounds like lots of fun!!

Lottifish said...

Wow, those are really good! I'm impressed!