Sunday, April 5, 2009

Liturgy, Legacy, and Palm Branches

Okay - Copper's working 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. now - Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays each week. He sleeps during the day so it is challenging to keep Tater-tot quiet on Sundays when we get home from Church.

Today I went to Tater-tot's Sunday School class. It was totally cool. The teacher had wooden figures cut to be Jesus and the twelve disciples - she had a little table just their size and recreated the upper room/last supper. There was a little silver chalice and a brown lump of play-doh was the bread which she broke and explained that Jesus shared the bread with the disciples.

Then she explained Jesus washing their feet. And how Peter tried to stop him. Next, we all took off our shoes and washed each others feet.

She led all of the children (3-6 years old) in reciting a litany about Jesus and who he was, lit a candle, read the scripture for that lesson - the story of the upper room. Asked all to share what they were "happy" about and then let me (as the helper) snuff the candle and all of the children knew to speak the response "Jesus is always with us." once the candle was snuffed out.

Finally we shared a "feast" of cookies and water. She had a special way to end - she called each child one at at time to throw away their napkin and cup and then hug her goodbye.

It was truly a special and unique time. So many teachers just do a work sheet or get out play-doh or paints, so to have special rituals and liturgy that they do every week with 4 year olds was just really cool.

After Sunday School all of the children - even the little babies (carried by parents) got to be in the processional with palms and lay palms next to the altar...

So overall - it was a red letter day for Tater tot.

Copper's Fox