Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Unofficial Poll - which sounds better 'twenty-ten' or 'two-thousand ten'?

I have always been adverse to New Year's Resolutions because so many people treat them like a joke... and I don't want to vow to do something falsely...

So - in a moment of introspective resolve that coincidentally is occuring on the cusp of a new turn of the calendar - I am making some goals in hopes to change my life for the better...

We all have them - those rooms in our houses that are never presentable. Company comes and that particular door is shut tight (locked even). My bedroom is just such a room in my house and I want it to be better... I'd like to get it clean and organized and actually keep it that way.

I've been completely off track in my weight loss - Rather than calling myself a failure at weight loss... I'll say I've been a success at weight gain! I had lost 35 pounds in 2008, I gained 25 in 2009... one step forward and two steps back... I'm not making a big 'diet resolution' but I do have a goal of getting more active and making more purposeful food choices.

There are others - but these are the ones I'll share for now... and so on this day that just happens to fall in January I am saying 'its time to make a change.'

Copper's Fox