Monday, February 2, 2009

25 weird things...

Qweenie has tagged me to share 25 interesting facts... the rules state that I have to tag 25 people - well - I have less than 10 readers (and that's being optimistic) so if you are reading this - you are tagged!

Here are my 25 things -

1. I don't like raw onions - they squeak on my teeth - but cooked onions are fine
2. I don't like black olives but I do like green ones
3. I once chased down and beat up a neighbor boy who was several years older with a two by four (he asked for it when he tried to beat up Eternal)
4. The two by four story earned me the name Hacksaw (after Hacksaw Jim Duggan - a pro wrestler who carries a two by four)
5. When I got the nickname I had to ask someone who Hacksaw Jim Duggan was.
6. After being on Weight Watchers for almost a year I get giddy when I discover new 0 point snacks
7. Sugar Free Jello is a 0 point snack
8. Carrots and celery are 0 point snacks
9. DILL PICKLES are a 0 point snack
10. Girl Scout cookies are not 0 point snacks
11. 7 of the last ten facts were about food... I'm pathetic...
12. I lived for 4 months in England in 1998
13. I visited Africa for two weeks in 2000
14. Hakuna Matata really does mean 'no worries'
15. I once worked as a roadie on a tour bus for a nationally known Christian musician
16. If I told you the name of the musician I bet NONE of you have heard of him (except Eternal)
17. I worked for two weeks at the snack bar of a roller skating rink (worst job ever!) serving chili dogs and pizzas on skates!
18. If I have more than 2 or 3 caffeine drinks a day my heart starts skipping beats...
19. I like to watch Chuck, NCIS, Psych and Monk (only shows with short names for me, apparently)
20. I used to watch Alias too - see... short names...
21. My cell phone ring tone is the theme from Magnum PI
22. Except when Copper calls and then its the Rockford Files.
23. I crochet some and I'm learning to knot, I mean knit.
24. I used to sing in a band
25. I stripped down to lingerie in a musical my freshman year in college (I was a hot box doll in Guys and Dolls)

I'm sure some of these raised more questions than answers but that's what I'm all about!


Melody said...

Guilty by association, huh? LOL! Okay, okay, I'll try to think of 25 clever things.....hum.

Loved your answers! So who was the musician???

Qweenie said...

Very cool! Glad to leard more about you!

Lottifish said...

Yay for 0 point foods!

Can't they come up with a way to make 0 point samoas?

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

England, Africa....I'm jealous!

I love onions...raw & cooked.

0 point snacks, huh?! must check that out!!