Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tater and Daddy Act II

Getting ready for show-and-tell with the letter J the next day...

Tater - I just don't have anything that starts with the letter J
Copper - You could take a donkey.... (leave it to Copper to make a g-rated jackass joke)
Tater - Daddy, donkey doesn't start with J it starts with.... duh duh D
(we can see the wheels spinning now)
Tater - Daddy - you start with a D for Daddy - your just like a donkey!
(after much laughter we get back on task)
Copper - you could take mommy - her name starts with J
Tater - I can't take mommy - she's too big and heavy...

(gee thanks)

And for the record - he took a jet plane...


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love it!!!

Don't take it to personal momma!!

Qweenie said...

Hey in our house Donkey and Daddy are spelled the same way J A C K A S S...LOL

I actually call hubby Jackie when he's being that way..