Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the home, Stretch!

My puppy, Stretch... isn't he a strange combination of a Bassett Hound and something taller?
Well, one leg is getting a little shorter today.
A week and a half ago some utility workers didn't latch the gate when they left our backyard and our doofy dog nosed open the gate and got out.... where he promptly got hit by a car.
To his credit - he knew what to do... he limped his way to our front porch and gave his best 'yowl' and my husband heard the noise and came to the door. He had a few bad gashes, and some road burn, but the main problem was his dislocated hip.
The doctor tried to put it back in joint but it just wouldn't stay in joint so today the are going to remove the 'ball' part of the ball and socket... apparently scar tissue will grow in its place and make a new painless hip joint for him... It is amazing to me how quickly animals can bounce back from a trauma- he was even excited about going to the vet this morning!
He's probably the least intelligent dog ever... a big goofy, clumsy, oaf... but he doesn't have a mean bone in his body... any he loves us!
That's the story - but for those still reading - here's a bonus Tater-ism...
This morning at 6:30 am - while it was still dark out - I loaded Stretch into the car to go to the vet and told Tater to get in the car... He looked out in the driveway and is his most authoritative voice said...
"Mommy, we can't take Stretch to the doctor in the middle of the night! The doctor's office isn't even open right now!"
(P.S. Yes - we are putting a padlock on our gate!)

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Melody said...

Poor Stretch! I hope that he gets well soon! And Tater is so funny! :-)