Sunday, December 20, 2009

Facebook... revolutionizing the disconnect of humankind!

Okay - So I am on Facebook... and I've discovered that there are various types of Facebooks users...

The over-updaters - "I'm drinking coffee," "I just sneezed" (their over-updating friends will surely comment 'bless you' right?)

The soap-boxers - Whether their platform is political, environmental, moral, whatever... these are the ones you end up unfriending - not because you don't agree with them but because you can't stand wading through all their crap to find out who's been to Starbucks or rearranged their closet lately!

The Gamers - whether they are in a mob, a pirate family, a farm in farmville or whatever these people fall into the same category as the soap boxers - not because I don't care that they adopted a lost cow or found the golden cell phone, but because I don't have TIME to read all that crap... someone I sort of care about may have just gotten new andirons!

The un-endingly clever - these people only post things that I will never have a snowballs chance in hell of understanding. They are so lofty and esoteric and they would never post something as mundane as a run to their local indie coffee bar (I'm sure they are too good for Starbucks).

I don't know what category I fall into - I probably overshared about my latest fever induced hallucination while surviving a cold... but sometimes I'm clever... never as clever to others as I think I am, but still...

Before I created a facebook page a friend of mine trying to convince me to join facebook summed it up well... "there are people in your life that you don't REALLY want to reconnect with in a meaningful way but its nice to know they aren't dead."

I couldn't have said it better if I'd said it myself.... now where's my coffee?

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