Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm declaring Mondayto be "Photo Phunday!"

Let me just say... BRRRR... Night two of the hayride was every bit as cold at night one. But we had fun anyway. Here's a pic of me and Tater-tot braving the cold for the sake of Christmas Spirit.

And here... is Tater-tot's very first Santa picture ever! I know, what mother let's her kid get to be 4-years-old before letting him get his picture taken with Santa!?!?! I promise it wasn't intentional... just one of those things...
Tater-tot now believes that Santa is his best friend as they spent the better part of two nights "hanging out" together while mommy worked at the hayride... (Kudos to Santa for staying in character for the sake of my little boy!)


Eternal Sunshine said...

I have Santa pictures, too!

I took the boys to the Mrs Baird's bakery in Ft. Worth to see him, they do it up big there. Won't go into details, 'cause I'm going to manage to turn it into a whole post!! LOL!

Melody said...

Cute, cute pics!