Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shout out to friends - and some holidy photos

I was recently inspired by Merrie Melody and her extensive photo posts of great Christmas Decorations... I've taken some photos of my own and am putting them below for your enjoyment.

Melody was also the person that introduced me to Betty over at Keeper of the Skies Wife. She has an ongoing 'game' of assigning letters to anyone who wants one and then that person posts their 10 favorite things starting with that letter. Melody was given the letter "E" and you an see her 10 favorite things here.

If you want to play leave a comment at Betty's blog saying that you want to play along, and she'll send you a random letter. Then you can make a list of your ten favorite things that begin with your assigned letter.

I'll be posting my 10 favorite things beginning with the letter "F" very soon!

By the way - Betty posted some pretty great Christmas photos recently so check those out too.

Now to my photos:

My father-in-law drew this pencil sketch of Santa Claus years before I met my husband (he passed on before we ever met) but he was clearly gifted. My brother-in-law had this framed for us a few years ago.

This is a soldier ornament that I made in 1st grade... Eternal - do you still have yours? We had the same 1st grade teacher!

I think I made this little reindeer the same year - 1st grade.

The next few photos are of our snow village... we collect a few new pieces each year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Melody said...

What happened to your pics? I will watch for them today. :-)

Eternal Sunshine said...

I do still have both the soldier, and the reindeer - Plus, some of the Shrinky Dinks, Cinnamon Ornaments, the Dough ornaments AND the ceramic ones we painted.

I really want to do some of those with the kids. I'm running out of time this year, better get moving if I'm going to start a tradition...

Melody said...

I love that picture of Santa; he was talented, wasn't he.

Love the clothespin ornaments. I need to make some with my kidlets.

I haven't ever collected the village pieces, but they sure are cute!