Thursday, December 18, 2008

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

As promised I have below my 10 favorite things list... compliments of Betty at Keeper of Skies Wife I was assigned the letter "F."

If you want to participate visit Betty's blog and leave her a message. She'll let you know your letter. If you let me know about it when you post I'll link to it too!

10 Favorite things beginning with the letter "F"

1. Food - any and all - in its many varied and beautiful forms... Copper makes some really great dishes - he's the cook in the family! I've listed some specific "F" foods at the end of the post. Alas - my love of food has sent me packing to Weight Watchers... Its a food adict's verson of AA (except we can't quit cold turkey... mmm turkey... )

2. Friends - both old and new, physical and virtual (Internet)... they are the salt that makes life interesting and preserves my sense of humor, sense of worth, and sense of reality.

3. Four-year-olds (more specifically - MY FOUR YEAR OLD) not necessarily any other four year olds... although some others are okay too... and at his next birthday we can change this to five-year-olds.

Tater-tot at a family wedding and on crazy hair day at school.

4. Family - Most specifically my husband, Copper, and son Tater-tot - but of course - Eternal (she's my sister) and her crew, Dad and R, Mom and B, extended family and the heritage and legacy that they have given me.

Dad, my step-mom, R (holding Mater) Monkey and my step-dad, B (yes the steps and exes all get along remarkably well and often intermix with each other and in-laws for family events...

Me, Copper and Tater-tot when he was just a wee thing. Note Copper's very hippie hair cut - its a thing of the past now!

My mom and Eternal aren't pictured not because I don't love them - just couldn't find a pic in the time allotted...

5. Force (as in our local police force) - May God protect our men and women in blue. If they'd wanted to be well liked and revered by all as heros they'd have become firefighters but instead they stand between us and the evils of the world and say "I'm not going to let anything hurt you. Not on my watch!"

My husband, Copper.

6. Faith - in God, in others, in the goodness of mankind, in myself that maybe I'm getting it right more often that I think.

7. Films (yes, more traditionally called MOVIES - but I'm working with the letter "F" here) They open a world of insights, points of view, humor, adventure and imagination to us.

8. Freedom

9. Fudge, Fun-dip, (technically these are candy - not food so its not a repeat to mention them.)

10. Flavored sunflower seeds (Nacho Cheese) and Flavored Peanuts (Cajun) - Okay so these are a food and thus a repeat... but they still deserve their own category... Sadly - since I called technicality on flavored seeds/nuts and candy you can now tell how much I truly do LOVE food! So pathetic!

A few bonus F's - Fritos, Funyuns, fondue, France, furniture, firewood.


Melody said...

I *love* funyuns & fudge!

I love the pic of you and Copper and Tater!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh my gosh! Great "F"'s!!!

I love the pics of your four year old! Too cute!

Have you tried chocolate covered sunflowers? yum!

I also love fun dip!!

Eternal Sunshine said...

Fun Dip is my favorite candy, you knew that, though.

Terrific list, I also have a foto (F's, get it) of the Tot in a diaper and high heeled shoes that would have gone nicely here (except he wasn't Four in that foto)