Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekend Update - BEFORE the craziness starts

Okay people - I really still need crafty ideas since my schedule doesn't currently allow for hours browsing my local craft stores! Tater-tot wants to make Christmas presents and we'll get started on them this week so give me ideas... I wish I could offer a prize for the best suggestions but I'm all out of stuff I could use to tempt you!

About the weekend... I think tonight will be our only breather... After Tater-tot goes to bed I've got to dye my hair and cover up all of this gray! But other than that - tonight is clear.

Tomorrow - I have to actually set an alarm - on a Saturday (there should be a law against it!) so we can be at the starting point of our community's Christmas Parade by 8:00 a.m. The parade starts at 11:00 so we will stand around freezing our tuckuses (what's the plural of tuckas?) for 3 hours before things even get underway (okay so its forecast to be in the 40s but I'm a Texan so that IS freezing to me).

Thanks to a brilliant committee of goofballs the parade theme is "team spirit" - What the H - does that have to do with Christmas??? So our float is a football field with "stockings hung by the goal posts with care..." and our kids are dressing like football players and cheerleaders... The grown ups are wearing referee shirts, whistles, and Santa hats.... Nothing says Christmas like "Blue-22, Blue-22, Hut!"

A few hours later - after we've warmed up... I'll start getting ready for the company Christmas party. Copper's working so I'm going solo... but its always a fun event. I actually like most of my co-workers and we always have a good time. They give good prizes too! Once year I won $100 cash and another year I won a digital camera.

Sunday might be a bit more restful even though the Church's Christmas dinner is that night and I'd like to go that won't last too long...

somewhere in there I'll need to do laundry though or by Sunday Tater-tot and I might both be showing up to Church naked!!!!



Eternal Sunshine said...

darn it - I had a terrific idea the other day, but I thought you already had one, so I didn't send it.

Going to see if I can re-find it.

lessofme2love1976 said...

well - I do have some ideas that I'll go with if no other suggestions are made but I'm always open to more ideas.

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Eternal Sunshine from Plurk. . .

Paint his hands and having him do hand prints, with his thumbs overlapping. Draw a heart around that, and write something inside, like "The love of the season from me to you!" You could even put his picture inside.

Um. . . You could make a picture frame out of popsicles sticks and have him paint them. Or you could even use foamy paper type things. (Sorry, I so don't know the name!)

Make a hand print wreath:

This is the website that my co-worker (we teach preschool) use for getting craft ideas:

Hope this helps!

Damama T said...

HI! I popped over from Eternal Sunshine's corner of the blogverse. If you haven't finished all your gifts yet, a really easy one is to take very small terra cotta plant pots (or whatever - votive cups work well, too) and glue ribbon around them, glue a cinnamon-scented pinecone to it, and glue a star to the top of the pinecone. Dab on or spray the whole thing with glitter glue. The little trees turn out so cute! YOu can even personalize them with the year and "From Tater-tot" with a paint pen.