Saturday, November 8, 2008

As promised - Velma

This is me - as Velma on Halloween. It was a fun day. One co-worker was Waldo, one was the Pope, one was a papparazzo (yes - he took the picture). My boss was a clown and we had one teller (a woman in her 60s) who dressed as a rapper another of our older tellers was a tourist and a younger teller was Snow White and one who was a witch. Oh, and our branch manager was a a vampire. On the wall next to me is our halloween 'pumpkin' decorating contest. We decorated foam cut outs that were shaped like pumpkins... We let our customers vote all week long and mine ended up winning. Here's a picture of it:

It was fun to make! Watching the tater-tot enjoy the Great Pumpkin this fall inspired it too.

So this post doesn't have much too it... I've hit my first dry spell... if you are just dying for something new from me... go back and read the tons of posts I made last week... by next week I fully expect to be out of this funk...


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