Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm not going to talk about politics!

But I am going to say that I felt very patriotic going to vote today (I always do). Whichever candidates you vote for, nationally, and on the state, county and local levels - be proud of yourself for going and letting your voice be heard today.

I'm in a very "RED" state so regardless how I vote our electoral votes always go the same way... but I never let that stop me (regardless of whether I'm voting red or blue that year) from going to the polls. I just turn my focus instead to the state and local elections and try to educate myself on those candidates too!

I also feel good about taking my tater-tot to the polls with me. It was out of necessity, since Copper had to work... but he was very excited about going with mommy to "float." Even though he didn't know what voting is (and couldn't even say it right) he still had fun and the very kind poll workers gave him an "I Voted" sticker too. More importantly he now knows what a polling site looks like, and what it means to vote.

I remember the first time I went to vote- I'd never even been in a polling place that I can remember. I felt like the new kid walking into the cafeteria on the first day of school... very uncomfortable and out of place... hopefully, by accompanying me, he'll never have that uneasy feeling with letting his voice be heard. Or at least no fear of the unknown situation.

When it was time to leave the tater-tot had decided that 'floating' was way more fun than going to "school" (daycare) and so convincing him that he did have to leave and go to school was a bit of a "challenge."


Eternal Sunshine said...

Yay for the Tot!

The boys had a mock election at school. Mater was sick that day, but it was a good opportunity for me to talk with Monkey afterward about voting the way you feel is right (he voted the same as his friends did), and not following your friends, neighbors or even your parents...

Who knows if it stuck, but I still have three more presidential elections to bring my point home before he gets to vote for real.

Lottifish said...

Good for you!