Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Singing (spontaneously when the Eagles came on the radio)
Tater-tot: E-I-N-G-O, E-I-N-G-O, E-I-N-G-O and Dingo is his name, oh.

(do the Eagles sound like Bingo? See earlier thoughts on Journey)

Random - into the silence...
Tater-tot: Mommy, God is at your college, and God is in the sky, and God is in my heart.


I really didn't intend two posts about religious themes in a row - but the tater-tot is really on a God kick right now. According to him God is almost as strong as Daddy... God is in the sky and God is everywhere...and God is going to fix his broken sun-glasses up in heaven and then give them back to him.


Lisa said...

No one is as strong as Daddy snickers and if he fixes sunglasses too, let me know because I need a pair fixed.

Eternal Sunshine said...

He is too much! I remember that he had a little God convo with the boys in the car when y'all were last here. He's a sweetie!