Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween! (written late last night... forgot to hit post)

Every year in late September co-workers start talking about Halloween -

Should we dress up? Should we just wear Halloweenie t-shirts? (I'm claiming that Halloweenie is a word-even if it isn't)

I always vote for wearing a costume. I obsess... I shop... I hem... I haw... and then I finally decide... and I don't go half-way. If I'm going to dress up its going to be spectacular... I also DO NOT buy pre-made (read cheaply made) costumes! Not for me - not for my kid... it just seems like a waste of money to pay $15 or $20 for some flammable flimsy thing that will rip at the first sign of rough play.

This year the Tater-tot is wearing a pre-made police man costume but it is Imaginarium brand dress up clothing... made for year round play and much sturdier... and someone else bought it for him!

I do always vote to dress up - but I also feel a bit silly once I'm dressed up and out in public... I mean I work in bank... people trust me with their money and to advise them financially - and I'm dressed like a (whatever).

The following is a list of my best halloween costumes that I've done in the past...
1. Tulip (yes, as a child my mother made a tulip costume for me) If I had a scanner you'd see - the cutest thing ever!
2. Native American. (back then we called it an Indian Princess... "Eternal" was a Pony - and I 'rode' on her back)
3. Lara Croft Tomb Raider (I had the guns, and the "guns" - and more importantly - back then I had the rest of the body *sigh* those were the days)
4. Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo (wearing this one as I sit here typing!)

The following is a list of costumes I want to do...
1. Tippy Hedron's character from Hitchcock's "The Birds"
2. Rosie the Riveter
3. Lara Croft Tomb Raider-again (I just want to have that body again!)
4. Daphne from Scooby Doo

The following is a list of ideas that I think are clever - even though I'm not on fire to do them myself
1. A Tourist (loud shirt, camera, fanny pack, luggage, straw hat)
2. A Temp (write 98.6 on a t-shirt) Along these same lines, a Pink Slip, and a Black-Eyed Pea ("P" on the shirt black your eye)
3. A Runaway Bride (wedding dress, tennis shoes, sweat bands on wrist and head)
4. A jilted prom-date (prom dress - torn stockings, carrying shoes, mascara running down face)

Let me know your great ideas - maybe next year I'll use one of them!


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Eternal Sunshine said...

I need a scanner, too!

I don't have the tulip picture, and I don't have the year we were Princess Leia and Cassiopia, but I've got the horse/indian, my Queen, clown and hobo/scarecrow (I'm not sure what I was...) pictures.

You already know that I've set the bar so high with this year's costume, that I will never be able to top it! LOL!