Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Craftiness... Ideas needed!

Sorry to have been silent awhile... this 'computer in the man-cave' thing really has thrown me.
Copper's promised to get me a wireless thingy so I can take my laptop anywhere in the house to blog...

The holidays are sneaking up on us. Tater-tot wants to make gifts this year - any suggested craft ideas that aren't too complicated for a 4 year old would be greatly appreciated!

Last night we were reading a book, Tater-tot and I, and he kept getting up and running out of the room (about every third page) and then coming right back again to keep reading...

It took me awhile but then I figured out - he's finally learned that "squeezinging a noise" (passing gas) while sitting on mommy's lap is rude!

He had a "yellow" day yesterday.
(yes his school subscribes to the terribly unimaginative Green, Yellow, Red system of daily discipline...)

On the way home he said he didn't want to be in trouble and I explained to him that he needed to think about that next time he is tempted to dis-obey his teachers and that he may have to have a time out when he gets home but that it was up to Daddy to decide since mommy had to go back to work.

When we got to the house Tater-tot got out of the car and headed inside and I said hi/bye to Copper in the driveway and then headed back to work... he called me later to tell me that Tater-tot had gone straight into the house and to his room and stuck his nose in the corner of his room... without being told.

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Eternal Sunshine said...

OK, so I lied - I have come up with an age-appropriate idea. But only one.

I was thinking those foam picture frames. You can back them with magnets or leave the backs blank. I’ve seen them – in fact, the boys have brought them home from school and VBS before.

If I’m not mistaken, the foam pieces that are used to decorate them are adhesive backed - peel and stick!! They are available in big assortment tubs. We have letters and shapes (palm trees, flamingos...)

I'm certain they don't cost much, and can be found at Michaels' or Hobby Lobby. Surely you should be able to find at least ONE of those stores down there in nowhere land??

Can't get much easier than that!