Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Tater-tot: Momma, I smell something that smells poopie

Me: Did you 'squeeze a noise'? (Tater-tot's own special phrase for passing gas)

Tater-tot: No... I think Mater poo-pooed in the potty at Grammy's house and forgot to flush...

We are 150 miles away from Grammy's and he can smell Mater's poo?!?!
That's disgusting, Mater! (Eternal! What are you feeding that kid?!?!?)


Eternal Sunshine said...

Feed them??

You're supposed to FEED THEM?

um... I gotta go.

Jewels said...

Didn't you know that kids have the best sense of smell, next to hunting dogs of course.

dawnmski said...

Ha! Kids are hilarious! That is really funny.

Anonymous said...

Your child must have an amazing sense of smell! Come to think of it, my kids tell me if their cousins have pooped about 300 miles away! Must be part bloodhound! (They get it from their father's side of the family) ;-)